Has Been Re-Opened!

There is a secret container located 600 feet
through the Chamber.


The Chamber entrance can be reached by trekking approximately
350 feet as the Pheonix flies down to the bottom of the ravine.
Some bushwhacking may be required!

The Chamber Entrance:

N 34° 12.374   W 117° 52.017


Warning: Please Take Caution!

 Legend has it that there is a 60 foot Basilisk living within the chamber.
Though his teeth have been removed so you shouldn't need to worry too much.


Some people might find some of the equipment
 listed below quite useful in their journey to the secrets within.


  • A Good Flashlight W/Extra Batteries (required equipment)
  • Night Vision Glasses. (recommended for maximum adventure)
  • Shorts (you may get wet)
  • A Good Stick (to ward off the Basilisk)
  • Snake Bite Kit (in case the stick doesn’t work)
  • Cell Phone and a Friend (just in case of any other hazards)


Other Cautionary Advice:

  • Do not bring a torch (Fire Hazard)

  • Watch Your Step! - There is a 40 ft drop at the end of the chamber!

  • Parking on the side of the road may require an “Adventure Pass”.

  • Please be careful of any Poison Oak, this is not a well traveled area.

  • Please watch out for un-friendly cache guards and muggles. Best to travel with friends.

  • I seriously wouldn't try this alone. and Definitely NOT during a rain storm!!!


Click here to view recent photos of the Chamber of Secrets Geocache.

Now, if it's a bright, sunny day, go and claim your prize!



Watch out for the Basilisk!!!

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